Who Am I?

I’ve been called a coach, counselor, consultant, trainer, writer, and a few other things I won’t mention here. Depending on who I’m with, I claim one or several of those titles. But none of them really say anything about what I do, or rather create. I don’t fit neatly into one title.

What I do is help people like you create the lives they really want to be living. How I do that is to create a focused space where you can identify and articulate what you really want. Then we can identify the short- and long-term steps that will help you manifest your vision.

Your vision may include:

  1. Launching your solopreneurial venture
  2. Growing your solopreneurial venture
  3. Making most of career you have
  4. Finding a new career
  5. Understanding what leadership really means
  6. Growing your skills in leadership and teams

The Process

Making lasting change is a process.

It took time to arrive where you are now, and it will take time to create what’s next. In my experience, the most sustainable change happens when you get clear about who you are and why you want to take steps toward a new way of doing things.

 Whether you are seeking to improve your career, your team, or your company, I recommend understanding who is at the table and what their strengths are. Personality Type (MBTI) is a wholistic and dynamic system that provides deep insight into the Superpowers and Bozopowers of your natural personality style and allow you to stand confidently in your personal power.

 When you claim your true self, it’s easier to let go of the “shoudla, woulda, and couldas” that may be keeping you stuck and embrace more of what works. Building your future on the foundation of your strengths allows you to a create a viable and compelling vision.

 Taking persistent, inspired, and practical steps toward that future means learning and practicing new skills and ultimately building new habits that support you when encountering obstacles and setbacks.

 Making lasting change means understanding yourself and what’s important, keeping your sense of humor about who you are, and taking consistent actions toward your vision.

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    Credentials & Qualifications

    And by the way, I have 25+ years of experience in coaching, training, developing, and implementing dynamic leadership teams with attention to leadership succession, emerging leaders, and team dynamics.  I am a sought-after keynote speaker and trainer in the US and UK and have successfully facilitated entrepreneurial companies and international corporations in transforming their organizational cultures.

    I am considered a thought leader for developing an innovative approach to Team and Project Leadership through the lens of Personality Type.

    I have written a few books including: Leadership Styles, Acting on Informed Decisions; Entrepreneur Types; The Solopreneur Workbook, Launch, Grow, and Prosper; and Charting the Course & Landing the Job.

    My credentials include:  Being Certified in Myers Briggs Type Indicator, FlexTalk, and Emotional Intelligence; a Master’s Degree in Leadership and Group Dynamics from University of Vermont; and a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications from Santa Clara University.


    • Master’s in Leadership and Group Dynamics from University of Vermont
    • Bachelor’s in Communications from Santa Clara University
    • Certified in Myers Briggs Type Indicator, FlexTalk, and Emotional Intelligence


    • Successful facilitator for entrepreneurial companies and international corporations
    • 25+ years experience coaching, training, developing


    • Sought-after keynote speaker and trainer
    • Published author of several books
    • Considered a thought leader in developing an innovative approach to Team and Project Leadership