What are your Leadership Superpowers?

Everyone is a Leader, but not everyone Leads the same - Own your Style!

Whether she is in a filled-to-capacity auditorium, facilitating intimate gatherings, or leading an interactive workshop, Markey’s engaging approach inspires audiences to live into their most fabulous selves.

Markey draws on her experience as a trainer, coach, and facilitator to create a warm connection with audiences.  The combination of her deep insight into what makes people tick, years of experience, and her good humor about being a human being emboldens people to take action toward having the life they really want.

Everyone is a leader somewhere. Since most people don’t own their leadership, however, they are dissatisfied and uncomfortable in their roles. Finding your leadership voice is one of the most empowering steps a person can take.  

Markey is an idealist with realistic tendencies and brings a grounded perspective to inspiring people to live into their Superposwers.

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What Others Have to Say

Markey engages her audience with ease when speaking and presenting as her genuine passion for her work is infectious. Skillfully balancing professionalism with excellent humour, in combination with her clear and direct style of communicating, she naturally captures the attention and interest of her audience.

Dr. Angelina Bennet,
British APT President

Markey is a powerhouse presenter and facilitator. Markey presents information in an easy-to-understand format and appeals to vast learning styles across the entrepreneurial spectrum. She comes equipped with excellent content and takeaways. She’s got an excellent sense of humor which, when combined with her ability to effectively deliver business content, makes her an unbelievably valuable speaker. She is also an expert facilitator and is often sought to emcee events.

Gwen Pokalo Director,
Vermont Center for Women & Enterprise

Markey brings deep content knowledge, a sense of humor, and audience engagement to her presentations. Through engaging anecdotes and stories, Markey will have you smiling through a subtly educational session about yourself and others. As we strive to be better people in the world, self-awareness and an appreciation of our differences are game changers. Markey brings a dynamic presence and expert understanding of these nuances.

Rebecca Towne,
CEO, VT Electric Coop