What are your Leadership Superpowers?

Everyone is a Leader, but not everyone Leads the same - Own your Style!

Temperament & Interaction Styles act as a complementary system and are best used together.

  • Temperament Styles – Why we do what we do and how it the influences culture norms of an organization.
  • Interaction Styles – How we do what we do and how it contributes to potential area of conflict.

Dynamic Team Leadership & Project Leadership Styles act as a complementary system and are best used together.

  • Leadership (& Followship) Styles – How we make decisions and how this impacts group dynamics.
  • Project Leadership Styles – How we interact with time and deadlines and how this impacts group planning, projects, and goals.

What you can expect as a result of learning Your Personality Type:

  • Personality Type (aka MBTI) is a useful lens that provides key insight into expectations that team members bring to groups and roles.
  • Personality Type provides common language for building bridges and creating more dynamic teams.
  • When team member will learn their natural Personality Type (1 of 16), you can identify areas for improvement, blind spots where deeper understanding, humor, and a slower pace would be required.
  • You can learn ways to access the strengths of your people in daily interactions and strategic positioning of company, team, or department.
  • This is a practical and flexible model for making well-rounded decision that encourages engagement and buy-in.

Personality Type provides rich insights into company culture

Individuals who understand their personality types: 

  • Emerge into more effective leaders and team members.
  • Assist fellow employees and team members in identifying strengths.
  • Take responsibility for their own professional development and seek appropriate opportunities for their style.
  • And maintain a much better sense of humor about themselves and others.

What’s your favorite room in the Personality Type House?

Organizations and teams that understand their personality types: 

  • Have a dramatic rise in collaboration
  • Lean into fellow team member’s strengths
  • Identify the best leaders for various projects and ad hoc teams
  • Develop professionals who want to stay and contribute
  • And have a much better sense of humor throughout their daily interactions.

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What Others Have to Say

Markey brings deep content knowledge, a sense of humor, and audience engagement to the world of personality styles. Through engaging anecdotes and stories, Markey will have you smiling through a subtly educational session about yourself and others, while deepening your appreciation for how we all uniquely show up in the world. As we strive to be better people in the world, self-awareness and an appreciation of our differences are game changers. Markey brings a dynamic presence and expert understanding of these nuances. I have worked with Markey several times and have appreciated how our individuals and teams are more curious about each other, connected, and patient after these sessions which translates directly into team results. If you are looking for someone who can help people more clearly know themselves and others, while enjoying the ride – Markey is just the dynamic speaker you seek.

Rebecca Towne,
Owner EM-Power
CEO, VT Electric Coop

There are many people certified to administer and train with the MBTI assessment, but the number of MBTI Master Trainers who are deeply steeped in Type and its effective application to our daily work and personal lives--the list of these people is very short, and Markey Read is up at the top of this list. A rarity in the OD field, Markey is a thought-leader who is able to go as deeply into her subject as her learners need without losing sight of application and practicality. As a long-time trainer and consultant, myself, I'm clear that there are not many trainers/consultants I would send "in my place," but any one of my clients would be lucky to work with Markey Read.

Hile Rutledge,
President & Principal Consultant of OKA, DC

It has been my pleasure to work with Markey on and off for the past 20 years. She is a dynamic trainer and coach who inspires change and draws out the best in everyone. A strategic thinker, Markey naturally focuses on the big picture, future possibilities and new paths forward, always with a strong focus on the client’s core values. Customized, practical plans for growth and development are delivered seemingly without effort, because she is diligent with her up front preparation. Her sessions are always organized, well structured, interactive … and just plain fun! When you see her in action, you recognize that not only is she very good at what she does, but she truly enjoys it as well. Markey’s engaging, creative style and her personal enthusiasm inspire even the most reserved participants. I give Markey my strongest recommendation without hesitation. If you work with her, you will find out why. 

Joyce Dicianna,
Director of Human Resources, Executive Management Team