Leadership Styles, Acting on Informed Decisions with Your Cast of Characters

Each of us has a Cast of Characters that live within that help us save the day in our Heroic roles, serve others in powerful ways from our Good Parent roles, and be playful and charming in our Eternal Child roles.  Sometimes, however, we seem to act against our own best interests especially when we take ourselves too seriously and our Trickster role emerges.  Getting to know these characters and tapping into their useful and hindering energies will help you express the true power of your Personality Type as a leader, team member, and member of the human race.  The Book and related products below are tools to help you along the path.
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Book: Leadership Styles – Acting on Informed Decisions with Your Cast of Characters

A resource for trainers, consultants, coaches, facilitators, and leaders for developing leaders within groups and organizations. The book is designed to assist people with identifying their leadership style and to learn how the lens of Personality Type can transform a workgroup into a team while building leaders. Includes downloadable full-color PowerPoint slides for use in training sessions.

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