Personality Type (MBTI) Training & Consulting

Tapping into your strengths as a member of a team or an individual contributor enables you to be more effective, energized, and engaged in your daily tasks and responsibilities.  We offer group training and individual coaching designed to increase overall effectiveness of organizations and teams.

Personality Type is a valuable tool in helping to understand your professional communication and leadership style. Personality Type helps you identify how and why you do what you do. Additionally, you will be able to understand how your preferred way of gathering information and decision-making criteria influence how effective you are in various circumstances. This insight can be applied to leadership and management development, team and group dynamics, and career and employment development.

Organizations and teams that understand their personality types:

  • Have a dramatic rise in collaboration
  • Lean into fellow team member’s strengths
  • Identify the best leaders for various projects and ad hoc teams
  • Develop professionals who want to stay and contribute
  • And have a much better sense of humor throughout their daily interactions.

Individuals who understand their personality types:

  • Emerge into more effective leaders and team members.
  • Assist fellow employees and team members in identifying strengths.
  • Take responsibility for their own professional development and seek appropriate opportunities for their style.
  • And maintain a much better sense of humor about themselves and others.

Call or e-mail us about how to receive a full interpretation of your personality type and design a strategy for success that meets the specific needs of your team or employees.

The MBTI® is one of several instruments that the staff at MRG, Inc. is trained to administer. MBTI® related workshops offered are Team and Leadership Development, Effective Communications, Communication & Learning Styles, Training and Learning styles, and many other applications. Please contact us about available dates for on-site workshops for your organization throughout VT & New England.

The MBTI® is based on Carl Jung’s theories on human behavior and development. Developed by Katharine Briggs and Isabel Myers, the MBTI® is now the most widely used measure of normal personality in the world.

(MBTI and Myers-Briggs Type Indicator are registered trademarks of Consulting Psychologists Press, Inc.)