Leadership & Team Development

Creating an Effective Leadership Team

It is my belief that ineffective leadership is a root cause to most of the issues we encounter in the workplace that:

  • Reduce productivity.
  • Increase staff turnover.
  • Hamper Profitability.
  • Smother individual and team contributions.
  • Creates an environment of internal competition that reduces productivity and profitability.

Signs of Leadership Challenges:

  • Inefficient use of meeting time and establishing a clear meeting purpose. (E.g. – people are chronically late, missing, and/or unprepared).
  • Lack of consistent communication among managers.
  • Uncertain who “owns” a decision in the organization.
  • Decision making process is slow and/or cumbersome.
  • “Star Performer” is held to different interpersonal standards.
  • “Poor Performers” are getting away with it.
  • Open conflict or detrimental competition.
  • Undermining management decisions and chronic complaining about what “they” are doing to “us”.
  • High turnover
  • Sudden downturn in productivity

We assist owner/managers or leadership team to:

  • Identify and develop personal leadership preferences and skills.
  • Delegate tasks and decisions to key employees.
  • Develop core leadership team and other leaders in the organization.

Ideal Clients

  • Owner operated companies with 20 – 50 employees who are tired of doing everything themselves, or have not been able to develop reliable managers.
  • Department or site managers who want to (or need to) develop personal leadership style to be more effective.
  • Organizations where there is open “warfare” (no one is pretending anymore).