Leadership & Team Development

Without well-developed leaders, teams have little chance of success; and teams without leaders are just workgroups. Plus, when we limit our definition of leaders to self-replication we limit the results powerful teams can produce. Our consulting services assist your organization in recognizing what kind of leadership your organization and teams need now and in the future.
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Employee Development Program

Managers often fear that if they offer Professional Development services to their employees is that their employees will leave the company. It’s true that some of them will choose to leave; but those few individuals were probably already looking for new opportunities. The vast majority of your employees will find deeper satisfaction in their roles and seek incremental changes to their tasks and responsibilities. As a result, you will have a more dedicated and stable group of professionals who keep their attention on the success of the organization rather than taking valuable energy to find a job elsewhere.
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Outplacement Services

As organizations evolve, there are times when releasing valued employees becomes necessary. If you are facing the challenge of releasing staff members, we can assist you by providing them with the ReEmployment support services they will need to secure new jobs in this ever-challenging economy. We offer a variety of individual and group options.
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Spousal Assistance

When recruiting a new executive, companies often offer relocation assistance. In today’s market, where most professional’s partners are also employed, you may need to provide employment search assistance to the spouse to seal the deal. We offer professional employment services designed just for this purpose.
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Personality Type (MBTI) Training & Consulting

Taping into your strengths as a member of a team or an individual contributor enables you to be more effective, energized, and engaged in your daily tasks and responsibilities. We offer group training and individual coaching designed to increase overall effectiveness of organizations and teams.
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