Sticking with a Challenging Position

…and knowing when & how to leave by Markey Read So, you finally realize you’re in a dead-end job or working for a difficult manager and you start looking for an escape route. You start applying for random positions discovered through incessant internet searches. Thinking to yourself “anything is […]

Career Development within Your Organization

by Markey Read Developing your career within a company takes attention and time. With a strategy and some investment from you and your manager, an administrative assistant can become an operations manager; a marketing assistant can become a staff trainer; a financial analyst can become a human resources administrator, […]

Professional Development for your Employees

and knowing when to let them go by Markey Read Wouldn’t it be great if every person you hired came with all the professional skills needed to work for your company? Gone would be the days of training new employees in basic concepts like quality, teamwork, productivity, and customer […]

When is it time to focus on Team Development?

and some steps to introducing teams to your company by Markey Read As organizations mature through the “Muck in the Middle” phase of development and discover that communications are becoming more challenging, they start having “meetings” to keep everyone in the loop.Although the meeting culture emerges from necessity, some […]

Hiring for the Growth of Your Company

by Markey Read Each company’s origin story is unique, but what they all have in common is the opportunity to create a company culture. Like the culture in a petri dish, each company’s environment supports certain types of life forms better than others. Additionally, as the company evolves through […]